Pascal Bonnerue - Massotherapist

To be better, to feel better, to be oneself.

Massotherapy uses several techniques applied on the body. I use the massage to unravel stress and tensions, but also to give my patients a sensitivity and a well-being that are transmitted up to the mind. For this, I developed by experience, a kind of complete energetic massage. The massage begins with the classical approach relaxing the muscles and promoting circulation throughout the body. Then I move on to a more subtle energetic massage, based on the canals, chakras and meridians that are found especially in Asian traditions.

These two aspects allow me to go further in relaxation and well-being than the classic massages.
I practice this energetic massage to unwinds the physical tensions and the psycho-corporal links that underlie them. To find out more, I advise you to click on the menu "massage".

My vision of the human being is global and holistic.

We are not just a body separated from the mind, as just as the mind is not just a set of emotions separated from an intellectual or spiritual life. Each of these dimensions of being interacts with others.

Well-being can only be found by acting on all the components of our existence. An imbalance of only one of these aspects leads to a discomfort that will spread to the whole being, creating a loop of ill-being that self-sustains, providing a vision of a distorted world.
I use energetic massage, meditation, and activities to harmonize body, respiration and concentration. At the office and during internships where I can bring more by learning the "movement" through the QiGong and the Taichi.

This re-harmonization allows you to regain an energy that you thought you had lost, an enthusiasm that came from you, the abilities you had neglected.
You re-live your body and regain your sensory abilities, you regain confidence in yourself.

Recover Harmony

Each and every one of my patients is unique. I give all my attention every time because every moment is unique too.
In my life, luck has put on my way several masters of different traditions, each with its approach and each bringing a great richness to my practice and my knowledge.I am in harmony with myself because I practise a profession in accordance with my profound nature, the one that gives me the most joy: to help others. Help you find yourself, re-harmonize, find the path to your own well-being, your humanity.

This job, I practice with passion through several activities:

  • Massage-therapy, energetic massage, body techniques.
  • Teaching of meditation, through several techniques, because there are several kinds of meditation.
  • The "movement", practices the meditation in movement, using Qi Gong and Taï Chi Chuan among others. (traineeship outside the office)


From concentration to analytical meditation, meditation allows you to learn to control and calm your mind, and expand your field of consciousness.


The energetic massage that I practice is a body-mind harmonization massage.
It combines classical massage techniques with an action on the energy centers.


Qi Gong – Tai Chi
A whole set of practices to repossess your flexibility, breathing, intention and your availability of body and mind.

Office of Abbesses, Paris

For massage and learning meditation, I will welcome you in my office Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursday by appointment.Located in the heart of Paris, in a pleasant area, you will find with me a long-lasting relaxation and wellbeing that will make you rediscover the colors of the world.

1BIS, rue des Abbesses
75018 Paris.
Métro "Abbesses"

Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursday,
by appointment only.

Pascal Bonnerue.
06 26 69 55 82

You can join me from Monday to Saturday.
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