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To make an appointment, it’s so easy.

Just reach me by one of the ways listed below.

 Téléphone, SMS ou WhatsApp : 06 26 69 55 82
 Mail :praticien@pascal-bonnerue.fr
 Facebook :Pascal.praticien.holistique
 Messenger :Pascal.praticien.holistique
 Phone, SMS or WhatsApp :
+33 6 26 69 55 82
 Mail :
 Facebook :
 Messenger :

For payments in advance, for gifts or specific reservations, the best is to use a PayPal secure transfer.

 PayPal :  Pascal Bonnerue account


If you want to obtain all my information at once, you can click on my name at the bottom of any page. This will load a business card you can open and include directly in any contact management application.

Contacter Pascal

Important :

In recent years, some situations and experiences, sometimes funny, sometimes negative, led me to adopt some rules and provide some details about the appointments.

Some precisions.

I’ll need a phone number to confirm the appointment

I do not take an appointment if the phone number is hidden.

This will allow to send you a confirmation with the details to come, and give a possibility to join quickly in case of impediment.

I receive you by appointment only.

So, do not come without an appointment to the office, it is not a SPA or a public massage institute.

The office does not have a shower.

Take time to prepare and relax before coming, to avoid being uncomfortable because of tensions or hygiene problems.

For my part, I wipe the whole body after the massage and do not leave any oil that could stain your clothes.

I use higher quality vegetable oils and add sometimes drops of essential oils.
If you have any problem of allergy, or if you fear to keep the fragrance of some oils, do not hesitate to talk to me about.

When can you contact me?

All the time… But I can not always answer immediately

But I always answer.

During a session, I devote myself totally to my client. The phone is in silent mode and placed on a shelf, I do not want to be disturbed during these times, when I am in active meditation most of the time, and only available for my client.

During my holidays, I walk, I run, I swim in the sea, the lakes and rivers, I practice for myself Tai Chi, Qi Gong and movements, this continues to improve my own practice for better transmit it.
The phone is silent and tidy, but I consult it at least once a day.

But at what time?

Regarding the phone, I only answer voice calls during “normal” hours, so don’t call me, without leaving a message, between 8 pm and 8 am. However, I will answer if a message is left to contact me later.

Exceptional cases.

 How to place an option, is it possible to cancel?

 Massages on days normally closed

In all cases.

Let me the ability to answer you, tell me your name and surname, and your phone number if you use the voicemail.
Don’t hesitate, I apply the same obligation of privacy to private messages and to what you confide me during a session.

I look forward to your visit. See you soon.

See you soon.