Mudra de méditation

Meditation – Concentration

My meditation classes are exclusively conducted in French and are therefore intended for a French-speaking audience or those with an excellent proficiency in the language.

The practice of meditation

Meditation allows you to take control of your mind. It requires patience, regularity, and technique. Many false things are said about this practice.

Meditation should be taught in schools, along with all the arts that help create better human beings. However, this discipline should be passed on by competent individuals who are meditators themselves, capable of guiding you.

Every mind is different, and every path is as well. While it is true that we all share very similar characteristics, a set of techniques detailed in books or magazines intended for an unknown readership of the author will not truly help you progress. In high-quality works, these techniques can provide an introduction to the subject and start individual training, but a book will not personally guide you, correct you, adapt to you, or take you as far.

The Benefits of Meditation

The benefits of meditation are manifold:

  • Clarity of mind
  • Enhanced and quicker emotional perception
  • Increased sensitivity without emotional overload
  • Greater inner calm, often creating an impression of emotional detachment, although, in reality, the world is better perceived.

With regular practice, other long-term benefits persist and are now acknowledged by scientists who have been able to measure permanent changes in the brains of meditators.

These benefits, stemming from greater self-mastery, confer a higher capacity for happiness, improved stress resilience, and the elimination of fear.

Mastering One’s Mind

The abilities of concentration allow for the development of controlled attention. This provides a better memory and an increase in analytical and learning capabilities, whether for intellectual knowledge or more technical, sports-related, or physical skills, or simply for easier and more authentic relationships with others.

Those who already have meditative experience will be able to identify and implement the various necessary steps for progress. Novices, on the other hand, have the opportunity to discover a new, rich, and always available inner world.

There are hundreds of meditation techniques, which can be grouped into three or four categories based on the way they are practiced. Within each category, one can start with basic practices and progress in stages to very advanced practices for which the presence of a master or even initiation is essential.

My Teaching

Having mastered and practiced various forms of meditation for a long time myself, the sessions I lead will also provide you with numerous keys and detailed explanations, enabling each individual to find the type of practice that suits them, going beyond the usual basics, which are more like relaxation exercises.

A session lasts for three-quarters of an hour, whether in a one-on-one setting or in a small group of a maximum of five people. Please allow for an hour of your presence.

Immersion retreats are organized several times throughout the year, offering a combination of meditation and movement.

Meditation classes take place weekly, catering to both beginners and advanced practitioners. Workshops are also offered. Workshop announcements can be found on Facebook and on this website under the Events section.

Please check the website’s calendar for the days when the weekly classes are held, based on your level.