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Movement – Taï Chi – Qi Gong

Movement is life.

This phrase that is often heard is deeper than one might initially think. Because movement is also what manifests as warmth, as exchange, and therefore as energy. Everything that lives, and everything that surrounds us, is movement.

But what I am encompassing here under the term “Movement” is a set of disciplines such as Tai Chi Chuan, Qi Gong, and others that are more personal, drawn from practices I have studied since a young age. The contribution of years of external and internal martial arts, as well as other practices from various cultures, has allowed me to create a discipline in which breathing, meditation in motion, and gesture harmonize to create a mode of internal regeneration for both the body and the mind.


These practices are true moving meditations and will enable you to relearn how to breathe, strengthen and flex your body, and master your reactions. It’s a dynamic concentration, a meditation on the present moment, allowing you to attain a focused state of mind without disruption expressed through right movement.

The beginner’s efforts of attention to perform the movement correctly and breathe in the right way will quickly give way to a dance of the body and mind. With practice, your awareness of your energies will develop, as well as your ability to use all your senses to communicate with the elements, reconnect with nature, and become more aware of life and others. Because movement disciplines engage all aspects of yourself—your body, your mind, your energies—it is a comprehensive form of meditation, a reharmonizing of all your dimensions of expression, complete alignment.

You will rediscover all the benefits that come with self-mastery:

  • Greater self-confidence
  • Increased inner calm
  • Renewed energy

On these foundations, relaxation and the ability to experience happiness naturally develop, allowing you to find pleasure and meaning in existence.

A universal practice

These movement practices have been expressed since the dawn of humanity in the arts and cultures of all continents, through dance, singing, yoga, and internal dimensions of martial arts. They have evolved from the sacred to the secular, becoming forms of artistic expression, mastery of movement, sports and martial techniques, and health exercises.

Where to Practice?

Depending on the number of participants and the location, the content of the classes will vary. At the office, only individual clients can benefit from movements based on Qi Gong. The space is not sufficient for more. During workshops held indoors or outdoors, these limitations disappear.

These workshops involve both Tai Chi and Qi Gong, often with a specific theme, or the application of my own movement exercises.

In my meditation workshops, the practice of movement is systematic, alternating between the study and practice of static meditation with phases of Qi Gong and my own discipline. This allows for improved availability of the body and mind through changes in exercise and rhythm, reducing fatigue and inattention, and increasing the potential of both practices—concentration and movement.

The schedule of upcoming events is regularly updated on this website.