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Frequently Asked Questions

Some questions frequently come up from my prospective clients.

I’ve often addressed them through various articles on this website.

However, I can’t ask the people reaching out to read everything, especially when they’re seeking a quick response.

So here’s a selection of the most frequently asked questions along with their answers. Some questions may seem surprising, but they are regularly posed to me. Click on the question you’re interested in to reveal the answer. If more questions arise, I’ll update this list.

During which time slots can I schedule an appointment?

According to the days:

The massage needs to conclude at different times depending on the day. For instance, Wednesday evenings are dedicated to meditation classes, requiring me to finish much earlier than other days. On Thursday evenings, I return to the province, and trains become less frequent after a certain hour.

When I remain in Paris, I’m situated quite far from the clinic. Transportation and preparation time for the clinic determine the starting time.

Exceptionally, I can start earlier on Wednesdays and Thursdays and finish later on Tuesdays and Thursdays, depending on my own obligations, of course.

I specify the end time of the massage because based on its duration, the appointment time will inevitably vary.

As a general rule, therefore, we can remember:
Day Massage start End of massage
Tuesday 10:30 am 8 pm
Wednesday 10:30 am 6 pm
Thursday 1 pm 8 pm

 In the event that I accept a massage finishing beyond 9 pm, I apply a nighttime rate of €30.

What’s the difference between the 1.5-hour and 2-hour energetic massages?

The ‘extended’ energetic massage lasts 2 hours, which is 30 minutes longer than the 1.5-hour massage.

What additional benefits do these extra 30 minutes provide?

The arms are more thoroughly massaged.

In 1.5 hours, a quick pass is made along the channels running through the arms, whereas in 2 hours, an additional, more effective massage including muscle relaxation for the biceps and triceps is performed.

More energetics phases.

The energetic circulation phase lasts longer. This phase is the closest and most sensual. It becomes more significant, particularly on the back and notably on the front (the chest receives only a single, quicker pass in a 1.5-hour massage).

On a more spiritual level, an additional chakra is engaged.

This further connects the person being massaged to their subtle perceptions, what we call intuition or premonition. This dimension of the mind is fundamental in humans yet so neglected in our modern societies.
The massage concludes with an induction phase into these perceptions, termed ‘the eagle’s flight.’

The Result

The experience is deeper and lasts longer after the massage.

What outfit should the massager or masseur wear?

By default, if nothing specific is requested or specified:

My attire includes lightweight massage pants made of fabric that doesn’t restrict my movements.

This type of massage involves close contact to work with energies. It’s not a superficial fingertip massage.

To ensure your comfort despite this intimacy, my outfit differs between men and women.

  • For men, I remain shirtless.
  • For women, depending of your own outfit it’s:
    • Nude, I remain shirtless.
    • In underwear and/or a bra, I wear a tank top.

I adapt accordingly, whether you’re comfortable with nudity or not, to avoid any ambiguity or discomfort. Indeed, there are phases where I massage your hands or feet against myself, and others where at times my body is against yours. Of course, you can ask me to keep the tank top on if that makes you more comfortable.

On demand :

My default attire can be adjusted if you desire.
You can request:

  • For me to remove or keep the tank top
  • For the massage to be naturist*

* In the case of a naturist massage, nudity involves both the masseur and the person receiving the massage.

See the following question detailing naturism.

Is naturism possible?

Yes, by request only.

It needs to be requested because by default, my attire is as described in the previous question.

I don’t impose modesty on people. Just as I don’t impose your nudity, I won’t impose mine unless you ask for it.


In the case of a naturist massage, nudity involves both: the masseur and the person receiving the massage.
I won’t massage naked a person who keeps clothes on.

The naturist massage is the same, but nudity adds a stronger sense of intimacy and feeling.
Both physically and emotionally, as well as spiritually.
The barrier of clothing, however minimal, no longer exists. Since the massage involves close contact, intimate body parts may come into contact with the other person’s body. However, there will be no shift toward anything sexual.
If it’s your first time:
–   There’s no physical modesty in naturism, neither in seeing nor in touching the other’s body.
–   Just like any other massage, remain relaxed and stay in the moment and feeling.
–   Like with other massages, despite this intimacy, there won’t be any sexual activity or completion.

There’s no extra charge for naturism.

In case of the massage is interrupted?

If the massage is interrupted by you.

It’s important to understand that a reserved time slot cannot be given to someone else

Lost time cannot be made up; it’s not a commodity in stock that could be sold to another person.

If you interrupt the massage for any reason, if the massage ‘derails’ into something else, or if a phone call demands you to immediately go to an appointment, the full payment for the massage remains due.

I’ve had some clients who, deciding they only wanted an hour or less of massage, interrupted it and attempted to give only partial payment. This is an attitude I don’t accept!
Such clients are blacklisted, and I inform other masseurs I know about this.
Fortunately, such behaviors are rare

In case of significant client delay

Depending on my commitments, I always try to find the best solution to ensure the massage is completed. But it’s not always possible, and this decision is mine to make.

If the massage has to be shorter or even canceled due to this delay, the full payment for the massage is still due, for the same reasons mentioned earlier.

If the massage is interrupted or canceled by me

This has happened very rarely and only due to urgent reasons.

In this case, of course, I won’t ask for payment from you.

What parts of the body are massaged, based on the duration or outfit?

In energetic work, the entire body is massaged. However, there will be differences based on:

  • The duration
  • Your clothing
  • Your request to avoid certain areas due to modesty or pain

Full body.

The energy channels flow throughout the body and are interdependent. No area is disregarded.
Asian medicines don’t view the body with the same modesty as the West.

However, I do respect your modesty. Therefore, depending on the massage duration or your attire, certain areas will be treated differently or left aside.

Root, base, sexual and sacral chakras.

I systematically massage the secondary chakra known as the ‘base’ or ‘sexual’ chakra because it’s situated at the level of the male or female genital area. In reality, it’s accessible at the base of the spine (from the back) or at the lower abdomen, just above the genital area (from the front). It’s an essential energy point.

The first chakra, known as the ‘root chakra,’ is located at the perineum.

chakras 1et2

For men, it’s now systematically massaged during naturist massages. In non-naturist massages, if it’s necessary for energy harmonization and you’re a man, I may also decide on my own to massage it.


Available only upon request.

These terms refer to the genitals: Lingam for men and Yoni for women. They are used in Indian traditions and can be massaged.

However, this is a special service that incurs an additional fee of € 20.

The purpose of this massage is not to achieve sexual pleasure. It is performed to revitalize this area, to facilitate the flow of energy just like in the rest of the body, and to regain awareness of one’s genitals as part of the whole body.

This massage is suitable for anyone, particularly men with erection problems. While it may not cure impotence, this massage can alleviate the psychological impact caused by this issue.

Can I have a happy ending?

No, I don’t offer a happy ending. The term ‘happy ending’ in massage refers to direct action on the genitals to achieve climax.

There is no sexual activity or sexual deviation during the energetic massage.


I’ve explained this in several articles on the website. It’s not due to prudishness on my part; I’m comfortable with the body and its responses, emotions, and expressions, and very tolerant of all these natural impulses.


Energetic massage enables harmonization between the body, emotions, and mind.

Energies, including sexual energy, are re-harmonized to restore your full potential.

If the massage veers toward climax during the session, this re-harmonization breaks down as energies condense towards an orgasm.
The lasting benefits of the massage thus disappear in favor of the pleasure of a moment.

For some people, the experience of the energetic massage is genuinely very sensual, and it seems difficult to control oneself.

In this case, it’s important to breathe calmly without suppressing your sensations, but instead, allowing yourself to live in the present moment without the will to act, focusing solely on your sensations. You’ll transition into a phase where your perceptions become more spiritual, as if entering a lucid dream.

Ultimately, wiping down your whole body will stabilize your emotions and maintain the benefits of re-harmonization.

When can I engage in sexual activity after this massage?

It’s a question that might come up after reading the above. At the end of the massage, wiping down helps to consolidate harmonization.
After a few minutes, this new configuration of your energies is stable. Therefore, there’s no issue in engaging in sexual activity after the massage is finished.
There’s no need to make your partner wait if you have plans to meet them later, unless you feel the need for a break to continue feeling the benefits of the massage.

Can I have a prostate massage?

Yes, but it is a special service that requires an additional fee of € 20.

I had to train in this technique to make it a safe practice that provides great physical and energetic benefits. The first chakra is directly at the seat of this area.

For whom?

This massage includes a complete massage of the anal and rectal area designed to fully relax before addressing the prostate itself.

It can be given:

  • To men, for the entire external and internal anal area, and prostate.
  • To women, for the entire external and internal anal area despite the absence of a prostate.


Several things must be taken into consideration:

  • Hygiene must be perfect. The person being massaged must know how to clean their rectum so that no residue remains at the time of the massage.
  • This is not a sexual massage despite the erogenous power of this part of the body.
  • In case of pain or discomfort, inform the masseur immediately to end this part of the massage.

What is energetic massage therapy?


Massage therapy is a healing practice through massage.

This definition is broad and encompasses several professions. Some are regulated by state diplomas and carry different names:

  • Physiotherapist
  • Osteopath

And other professions without official diplomas but based on transmission and experience:

  • Chiropractor
  • Magnetizer
  • Bonesetter

Energetic Massage Therapy

Massage helps to circulate and reharmonize the various energies of the physical body and the mind.

These actions are also found in magnetism or Ayurveda.

The knowledge utilized is found in various traditions across all human cultures, from shamanism to Hindu and Buddhist medicines, including tantric practices.

Applications and limitations

Energetic massage therapy can alleviate:

  • Pain caused by tension or discomfort, which is often the underlying cause.
  • Discomfort and mental suffering, especially following distressing experiences or depression.

But energetic massage isn’t merely a healing practice.

It’s primarily a wellness practice as the reharmonization of body-mind-emotions brings short and medium-term benefits.


This massage therapy does not replace physiotherapy or osteopathy practices.
It’s also not a dynamic massage as performed in a sports setting.

Your health and well-being are my priority.

Are there any discounts for massages?

No, there are no discounts in terms of massage duration or rates. Not for students or the unemployed either.

My rates position me among the most affordable masseurs in Paris.

I work in a studio, not from home. I only use high-quality oils and products, and provide more than just a simple wellness massage.

What payment methods do you accept?

At the studio or for house calls

Cash or check only.

I’m not set up for credit cards.

For advance payment

Can Pascal refuse a massage?

In some cases, I may refuse to give a massage to someone.

Fortunately, these cases are extremely rare.

Due to neglected hygiene

I’m very strict about hygiene, both mine and that of the studio. Since my massage involves close contact and includes the entire body, I expect my clients to also be perfectly clean.

Sometimes, due to warmth or a bit of agitation, someone might arrive slightly sweaty. It’s not an issue as long as they were clean, and in that case, I wipe the affected parts of the body before massaging them.

Due to the risk of a transmissible disease.

Someone who is clearly unwell, such as:

  • A persistent cough.
  • Skin issues like oozing, blisters, impetigo, herpes, fungal infections, etc..
  • A sore, sometimes unnoticed by the person as it might be in a less accessible or painless area.
  • An abnormal fever.

This is to prevent any contamination of my studio and myself.

Following repeated cancellations

I’m not referring to cancellations without notice or no-shows, in which case the person would be permanently blocked by me and other masseurs (see below).

I’ve made the decision not to schedule appointments for individuals who have canceled three consecutive times, even if they did so in a timely manner and for valid reasons. This also applies to clients who have previously attended sessions.

I can’t afford to regularly lose massage slots. I can’t always fill a canceled slot with another appointment, which represents a significant financial loss for me.
It’s unfortunate, but based on experience, these repeated cancellations from a client are more indicative of an unconscious refusal than a string of genuine misfortunes.
Fortunately, such cases are rare.

In the event of blocking an inappropriate person.

Individuals who have been no-shows or have displayed aggressive, insulting, or highly inappropriate behavior towards me or one of my colleagues will be permanently blocked.

I will refuse to schedule any appointments with such individuals, who probably wouldn’t honor them anyway.

I am very sensitive. What happens in the case of an erection or uncontrolled climax?

This question is very common among men.

Involuntary manifestations of relaxation.

Regarding erections in men, they are natural during relaxation. They occur involuntarily several times each night without necessarily being a sign of an erotic dream.

During an energy massage, about four out of five men experience one or more erections. The energy harmonization is a potent process, the massage involves close contact, so the sensuality is heightened, and relaxation is profound. All these factors contribute to a sense of well-being that is felt equally among men and women. In men, of course, this often manifests as an erection.

Other manifestations may occur. The need to touch the masseur, occasional leg cramps, a slight increase in heart rate, or minor hyperventilation. In rare cases, an unexpected sexual climax may occur. In the latter case, especially in men, it might cause a feeling of embarrassment.

This is not a problem.

I often reiterate this. I wouldn’t pursue this profession if I weren’t accustomed to, completely at ease, and tolerant with the body, mind, and all their manifestations.

The energy massage occurs within a sort of time bubble. I’m in meditation most of the time, and you’re in a state induced close to meditation, in relaxation and trust. It’s a kind of altered state of consciousness, although I would rather refer to it as a natural state of the mind, body, and emotions.

There’s no need to feel ashamed of what happens during this moment, as long as it doesn’t deviate towards anything other than the massage. It’s often a positive sign of complete relaxation without inhibition.


However, seeking to turn the session into something else, especially by deliberately seeking sexual climax, terminates the harmonization process.

All your energies shift towards this climax, and almost all the work of harmonization and energy circulation disappears in favor of the expression of this climax. It’s also a natural process that monopolizes your energies towards reproduction and the pleasure it brings.

As long as the massage and its finalization aren’t completed, your energies remain potentially unstable.

If there’s an intention to steer towards such a deviation, rather than coming for the massage itself, it would end the massage. The full amount for the session would still be due, regardless of the time spent.

I am comfortable with sexuality, and it’s not out of prudishness that I refuse to engage in happy endings or other sexualized practices during the massage, but because they hinder my harmonization work.

And in the case of an involuntary climax?

That’s different. In this case, it’s the reharmonization process that might have triggered this state of arousal and climax, rather than an intentional act diverging from receiving a massage.
These climaxes are rare, they don’t disrupt the harmonization process, and it’s even possible that they may not recur in subsequent sessions.

In these instances, there’s no need to feel ashamed or embarrassed, especially because I don’t. The massage can continue after a brief cleaning.

In any case, please bear in mind that this moment is a private one. Everything that happens in my studio and everything you confide in me, even outside of it, remains strictly confidential.

⚠️ OBSOLETE: Difference between the one-hour massage and the energetic massages?

⚠️ This massage has been discontinued since the end of March 2023. It was offered as a trial for 5 months, with limited success.

The one-hour tuning massage was more of an introductory massage.

It allowed for a brief initiation into energetic touch and what my massage specifically offered compared to traditional massages.

What would I get in a one-hour massage?

The massage still includes:
  • Relaxation of the back muscles, buttocks, and legs.
  • Energetic reflexology on the feet and hands.
  • An initial phase to set the energies in motion.
  • Body wiping.
However, it’s not an energetic massage

Therefore, you won’t experience the advanced phases of energetic circulation or direct actions on the chakras.

There won’t be massage of the perineum (1st chakra) even upon request.

This massage remains very pleasant and provides great well-being, although it’s less intimate and less sensual than a 1.5-hour or 2-hour energetic massage.

What benefits does this massage offer?

It aligns the physical body and emotional mental aspects, which is a significant source of well-being. It brings great relaxation and heightened availability.

The effects last several days, much less compared to an energetic massage of 1.5 hours or 2 hours, whose cumulative effects last for several weeks.

There will be a positive evolution in the recipient’s mindset, but nothing as permanent as in energetic massages.

Overall, it’s a very enjoyable massage that maintains its uniqueness compared to other traditional massages practiced elsewhere.

The same rules regarding attire, hygiene, or naturism apply.