Services prices

Energetic Massage1h 30100 €
Extended Energetic Massage2hours130 €
Individual session (no massage).
Meditation, relaxation, breathing, personal growth.
45mn50 €
Meditation – group session, Wednesday evening (up to 5 people).45mn
– Price without subscription20 €
– Subsciption ( 10 sessions card )180 €
 : Night rate: + €30 for any individual session ending after 9 p.m..
 : Check the calendar to know the availability of the next group sessions.
 : Allow about 15 minutes more set up or preparation in the proposed activities.

Increased rates for intervention at home.

Plan du métro parisien

In Paris or very near suburbs: €40
For all benefits: care, individual course, massage.

About home massage:
I no longer move for people who could come but simply do not want to do.
 Outside massage visit rules

  • I bring my oils and my massage outfit.
  • I do not bring a massage table.
  • You need to clear a suitable and clean place to receive your massage.
  • Also provide access to a sink or your bathroom. I like to be clean before I start, and I need to refresh myself after the massage.
Other useful details
Details about home massage
The surface allowing you to be massaged can be a fairly solid table, with a thin mattress or a small futon covered with a sheet.

A large futon on the floor may be suitable, although the massage on the floor is more difficult, I have sensible knees.

A bed is bad, it's not firm enough and it's way too low. The bed may be suitable for targeted energy treatments that require to lie down. But in the case of a massage, it is uncomfortable for the massed as for the masseur.

If you often have massage at home, buying a massage table is a good investment. For occasional amateur use, it's hardly more expensive than a massage and takes up little space once folded.


Availability of Pascal at the Office of Paris Abbesses :
The opening days of the cabinet are in white.
Meditation sessions are marked with a red pellet.
Exceptional opening days on white circle. See condition:
Exceptional opening days
Exceptional opening days are different from normal days. I only come to Paris if I have at least one date and I return home to my province in the evening. This implies several rules on these days:
  • The appointment must be booked at least the day before.
  • Only extended massages (2 hours) are taken.
  • The booking are between 12h (start of massage) and 18h ​​(end of massage).
  • If there is a cancellation, it must be made more than 24 hours before. If the cancellation occurs between 4 hours and 24 hours before, a €50 deposit is due, below 4 hours, I will have moved to Paris, and the full session will be due. This corresponds for me to commitments of costs, or refusals of other possible meetings on the same moment.
  • For massages at home on these days, the rules are the same, the price of the session increased by that of the visit (€40).
  • The "night rate" (increase of €30) is applied on these particular days, when the massage ends after 7 p.m.
In case of prepayment, a credit or refund will be made according to your preferences (after deduction of PayPal fees).

Non-holiday days are available for home visits.
Meditation group sessions (in french):
 Beginners group : on Wednesday evening at 6:30pm, soon
 Advanced group: on Wednesday evening at 7:30pm.

Groups are limited to 6 people.
Thank you to register in advance.