Mains Pascal Horizontales

Massage – Massotherapy

The massage is a real moment of well-being and relaxation.

I practice a harmonizing energetic massage that is composed of three phases.

The first phase consists of a gestalt type massage. It concerns the physical body, its muscles, its joints, its tendons, with a gentle firmness that I adapt according to your needs and your feelings.

The second phase concerns the circulation of energy in the subtle body. This subtle body is the vital link between your physical body and the mental and sensitive representation of your body. The touch is more fluid, it provides a more inner well-being, it reaccords your sensations and your body. This phase is more sensual, it is the one where I am closest to you and use my own energy to make circulate yours.

The third phase concerns the channels and chakras. It’s a deep harmonisation massage of the components of the mind connected to the body. The approach follows the same fundamentals as Indian and Chinese medicines. This part allows to regulate the flow of energy between body and mind. The solicited range of chakras is from the Crown (top of the head) to the DanTian or Hara (“Assembly point” under the navel). The main meridians are reactivated. This phase gives the feeling of a shared meditation. You have the sensation that every movement of the Massager causes and accompanies the circulation of your consciousness throughout the body.

The energetic massage is soft and gentle. It is not a sports massage, Californian or Thai, there is no brutality, otherwise the subtle energies would not be mobilized and only the muscles would be reinvigorated. If you are used to vigorous massages, this one will be very different. Yet it’s more powerful and then, physical and mental well-being is more sensitive and lasting.

How does the massage take place?

The massage begins with the back then goes on wit the legs to the feet. It continues on the front of the body with the arms, the hands, and ends with the head and neck.

To avoid asking you to turn several times in the session, the three phases described in the previous chapter are executed in two times depending on the side that is massed.

The feet and hands receive a complete massage including all three phases. This provides a great well-being and balances your energies.
It is by the feet that anchoring to the Earth is done and by the hands that actions on the outside world are carried out. In fact, these extremities are particularly rich in nerve endings.

During the first session, a discussion will allow me to better understand your needs and your desires. These needs can evolve from session to session and I will adapt to them and our feelings.

My massage table is a fairly wide model that allows you to be comfortable and have room for the arms.

It takes about an hour and a half for the full duration of the massage itself, and two hours for the extended massage. The session includes a short discussion time, which will allow me to choose the best approach, in addition to the massage itself. In total, plan at the firm, between a quarter of an hour and a half an hour longer than the massage time.

“What should I do, what should my outfit be, is there a preparation?”

During the massage you have to relax completely, you will be confidently. We must release the limbs and avoid the tensions. I will give you advice on how to regulate your breathing if necessary.

I understand and respect the modesty of all. Even if the energetic massage is practiced preferably on a naked body, I do not oblige you and you can keep your underwear, or I can provide you with disposable and hygienic. It is important to tell me if you feel embarrassed by a touch, the massage should never produce physical or mental discomfort. In case of great modesty, you can keep a towel to cover what bothers you to show. Never hesitate to tell me about that, and in any case, I keep a total confidentiality of my sessions, and of what it is said and it is done.

On your side, it is of course necessary to have good hygiene, no communicable disease and to arrive clean (the Cabinet does not have shower). If possible, avoid stress before and after a session, so as to maximize the benefits.

Massage oils.

The oils I use are all top quality and carefully chosen. I use brand oils, and for some of my patients I follow, I adapt some mixtures of essential oils and oils to achieve the best efficiency according to the person, his skin, his needs and his feelings.

The energetic massage will continue to harmonize several hours after the session, and the effects will last for several days.

Massotherapy, Massage therapy?

Energetic massage is a body and mind care. But it is aimed at everyone, as the art of art therapy is addressed to all, you can receive this massage for its well-being as to relieve your tensions of mental or physical origins. It is a physical and psychic care.The benefits are multiple. This practice re-harmonizes, “reconciles” the energies of the body and the mind. This massage restores to the touch its nature of exchange and discovery. The body rebecomes the organ of the sense of a benevolent sharing, of an empathetic dimension. The consciousness of this dimension develops, with each massage, as a relearning of our nature to be alive.

In addition, the quality of the oils protects and nourishes the skin, the muscles and tendons that are solicited see their flexibility and responsiveness improved.

Sporty or not, young or less young, stressed or calm, this massage will bring to each and every one a set of benefits. I adapt to each person individually, and adapts each session as needed.

See you soon.