July 24th 2018  
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A bit of freshness

  23 Juillet 2018
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Due to the heat this summer, for your comfort, I have equipped myself with an air conditioner. I use it carefully to spare you from the noise and inconveniences typically associated with such devices.

Heatwave ?

This summer, the heat has become too intense for comfort, whether during massages or meditation sessions, and the weather forecast predicts new records. It’s over 28°C in my office. I had installed a silent fan, but it struggles to create a sense of coolness.

For the well-being of my clients and patients, I’ve decided to install an air conditioner. Finally, real comfort.

Air Conditioning and “ice Noise”

The only drawback of these devices is the noise they produce. Therefore, I proceed in two steps:

  • Cooling the room temperature before the session. By lowering it to 25°C, the sensation of coolness is real and pleasant. Going lower would create a feeling of coldness.
  • Gentle ventilation during the session. This way, silence is maintained, the temperature doesn’t rise by more than one degree, and comfort is optimal.

For occasional refreshing, I also keep a thermal water mister, which I used before installing the air conditioner. It’s pleasant, and you can ask for it additionally.

a thorough attention

By following this procedure, I avoid both noise and the risk of getting too cold due to significant temperature differences. I also make sure to keep the air conditioner filters perfectly clean for maintaining healthy air.

As usual, I’ll have fresh spring water available for you to hydrate. An air conditioner tends to dry the air, so it’s important to drink, at least after the session.

Starting from Tuesday, July 24th, your massage will take place in a comfortably tempered oasis of well-being.

See you very soon…

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