June 24th 2024  
Nouvelle salle vide

News, days, hours, room.

  21 Juin 2024
 Event, Information, News

Significant changes have taken place at the office.
These news now allow me to stay in Paris from Monday to Friday and have some days open in the late morning.

A new room

We are now two, my osteopath colleague and I, instead of three as before, since our psychologist colleague has left.

I am thus taking over the vacated room and have it available all week. It is a beautiful, very bright room, with an entire wall occupied by windows.

Therefore, I had to equip them with translucent films that allow light to pass through but make massage activities completely invisible.

For those bothered by the light, I have also installed blackout curtains. This way, I can perform massages in dim light even in broad daylight.

New days, new hours

I spend my weekends with family, but I will now be at the office from Monday to Friday. Please check the Prices and Calendar page to see which days and times are available.

Currently, on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, I can start at 10:30 AM. Mondays and Thursdays remain starting at 1:00 PM.

These hours may change depending on my obligations.

See you soon…