June 11th 2024  
augmentation tarifs 2024

New rates mid-June 2024

  27 Mai 2024
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Starting June 11, a slight increase in my rates will take effect. Despite a difficult economic situation, I had refused to raise them for three years.

The cost of living

My expenses have steadily increased over the years, just like everyone else’s. Events and tensions have multiplied in Europe, and everyone has been financially impacted. However, I have maintained the same rates for three years.

I should have made this adjustment over a year ago, but life is difficult for everyone, and I didn’t want to add further difficulties for most of my clients.

The office

However, unforeseen events have affected the office, causing a sudden increase in our expenses. Therefore, I can no longer delay implementing these new rates.

But a slight increase

This increase is slight, however, €10 per massage, bringing the price of a 1.5-hour massage to €110 and a 2-hour massage to €140.

These rates are still among the lowest in Paris, especially for my type of service.

When ?

Starting from June 11, the new rate will apply, except for bookings made before mid-May. I won’t surprise those clients who had already booked by changing the agreed-upon rate at the time of booking.

On June 11, the new rates will be applied.

Despite this increase, as I highlighted earlier, my rates remain the most affordable for this type of service, and I continue to use high-quality oils, a rigorous protocol for hygiene and air quality, as well as maintaining temperature control throughout the year between heating and air conditioning.

À très bientôt…

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