November 8th 2022  
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New one-hour massage “Tuning”

( Obsolete since March 31th 2023 )
  30 Octobre 2022
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This is a test until the end of March 2022
Then, depending on the success or otherwise of this massage, I will continue otherwise I’ll partially or totally stop this one-hour service.

Only one hour, Why ?

Following repeated requests, I am setting up a new shorter massage.

This will allow more people to discover my massage and its particular dimension, already present in energetic massages. The shorter duration would be easier to fit into tight schedules, and the fare is a bit lower.

Why “Tuning”?

The tuning is the act of according an instrument, piano or other delicate stringed instrument.
In the case of a massage, this tuning allows to reconnect the mental and the physical. There is therefore a real beneficial action, a real well-being, without the complete harmonization wich occurs with a more complete action on the energies, the channels and the chakras.

In an hour, I don’t have time to do a real full energetic massage. So I can’t talk about reharmonization. It’s still my massage. The qualities of induction and circulation of energies remain present and of course my touching.

What is kept and left in the one-hour massage.

The massage still includes:

  • Relaxation of the muscles of the back, buttocks and legs.
  • An energetic reflexology of the feet and hands.
  • A first phase of energies circulation.
  • The body wiping.

It does no longer includes:

  • The advanced stages of spreading energy.
  • Channels massage.
  • Direct action on the chakras.
  • The massage of the perineum (1st chakra) even on request.
  • And of course none of the extra aspects present in the 2 hour massage.

What are the benefits?

The benefits remain important even if it is not a real reharmonization.

The physical body and the emotional mind are brought into harmony which is a very important source of well-being. This brings great relaxation and greater availability.

The induction into a mind state close to the meditation still exists, even if this effect is reduced and of short duration.

The effects of this massage last for several days. Much less, however, than an energy massage of 1h30 or 2 hours whose cumulative effects last several weeks. There will be a positive evolution of the mind after the massage, but nothing really permanent like in the energetic.

All in all, it is a very pleasant massage that keeps its unique aspect compared to other classic massages practiced elsewhere.

What’s the price and the conditions?

The massage is done on the table with the same conditions as the energetic massage. The same rules concerning dress, hygiene or naturism, apply (see the FAQ in french). Since the massage time is reduced, I also reduce the intervals between massages and simply ask my clients to arrive on time and not to linger too long after the end of their massage.

the price is €80.

Which makes it a more affordable massage, possibly a discovery massage for some.

See you soon.

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