August 1st 2019  
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August : open on Mondays

( Obsolete since August 31th 2019 )
  1er Août 2019
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August is here ! With him, the sun and a festive holiday feeling, even for those who work. My colleagues are on vacation, so I can open three more days for your well-being.

I take advantage to open also the Monday of these first 3 weeks of August.

Mondays 5, 12 and 19 of August will be open and you can book your energetic massage on these dates.

This will allow some for whom it was difficult to come at my working days, to have more options to book.

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Thursday, August 15 will be a holiday for me too, I will not work from that date to the weekend, to enjoy these few days with my friends and family.

I will leave for a real vacation the first two weeks of September.

See you soon